The North Face

The Ultimate Victory

As the host country, China was expecting its best-ever Winter Olympic performance in 2022. While people were all focusing on the medals, The North Face wanted to send a reminder that everyone who embraces the exploration spirit can reach #TheUltimateVictory.

However, we were not an official sponsor. That means we couldn’t say a thing about the Olympics. So how could we be a part of it without being able to mention it?

Social Hack
We also joined the coversation on China’s biggest social platform, Weibo. Across the two weeks of the event, whenever there was a hot topic, we were ready to give our perspectives.

Go Off-Piste
With the official competition coming to an end, we invited a former Chinese national team athlete, Zhang Tong, to our game. A game held by nature with no rules nor time limit.

The North Face’s No.1 Viewed Campaign in China

30+ Million Views & 230K+ Comments

390% Increase over Social Engagement Benchmarks


2022 ROI Festival
Gold - Sports Marketing

One Asia Creative Awards 2022 Shortlist:
Response / Real-time Activity
Branded Social Posts


Fred & Farid


Creative Direction
Art Direction


Creative Direction: João Leal Pereira, Cao Wen
Copywriting: Cao Wen, Yaru, Yucy Wang
Motion Design: Damien Louise
Agency Supervisor: Paul Lin, Quinn Jiang, Jenny Wei
Agency Producer: Charles Renard, Caroline Wei

Director & Editor: Dai Bao
DOP: Du Fu
Drone: Andrew & Olga @DrewDrones Studio
Yuntai Camera: Chun Ming