The North Face

Face The North Face

The North Face takes its name from the Half Dome in Yosemite, California, and that the north face of a mountain in the Northern Hemisphere is the coldest, iciest, and thus the most formidable to climb.

Although outdoor activities and the popularity of The North Face continuously grow in China, few people know what the brand truly stands for. For the winter of 2023, we took the winter collection release as an opportunity to communicate the brand's spirit.

Beyond the mountains, exploration continues.
Nuptse, which debuted in 1992, is one of The North Face's most legendary puffer jackets. Originally designed for high alpine with the eye-catching look, it has became a streetwear icon for people who don’t want to sacrifice functionality or looks.

As a cultural symbol on the cold winter streets, Nuptse inspires explorers to face the boundaries, face the unknown, and face the north face.


Fred & Farid


Creative Direction
Art Direction


Creative Direction: Adrien Goris
Copywriting: Peilin
Art Direction: Billy Liao
Agency Supervisor: Paul Lin, Quinn Jiang, Jenny Wei
Agency Producer: Caroline Wei

Production House: Jetleg
Director: SongRong, IKENO
DOP: SongRong, Jiayou Cai
Photographer: 小鸡山鸣, 5D宽