Mexico City Stamps

For 2019's Hispanic Heritage Month, I created this series of illustrations for Studio Malagón's social media.

We turned the photographs taken in Mexico City into stamps to celebrate the beauty of the city.

Creative Direction & Photographer:
Ernesto D. Morales


Poster design for Lotus, a film by Beibei Xu︎︎︎

MIT Teaching
Systems Lab

The MIT Teaching Systems Lab empowers teachers around the world to achieve "the future of teacher learning". These illustrations were created for their online course "Becoming a More Equitable Educator".

Check the complete VI system︎︎︎ created by Studio Malagón.

GoCo Dino

GoCo is an all-in-one HR platform, aiming for helping businesses spend less painful time on complex HR tasks.

I helped create the "vacay dino" image as part of GoCo's marketing materials for the 2019 HR Southwest Conference.

Creative Direction: Ernesto D. Morales